Pas de Calais | Soho Shop

Pas de Calais Soho via photo by @DenaRochelle

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I discovered the brand Pas de Calais sometime last year via some of my favorite online shopping boutiques. The French-inspired, Japanese clothing line is filled with pieces that fit my style perfectly. We're talking streamlined minimalism punctuated with some beautiful prints.

I admired them from afar, as the brand's store is in NYC's Soho neighborhood and I had yet to track them down anywhere in the SF Bay Area. During my recent visit to Manhattan, I was thrilled to be staying at an Airbnb just a couple of blocks from Pas de Calais' Broome Street shop. I went in the first day I arrived in Soho (literally within minutes of dropping my bags at the apartment) and as my eyes scanned the racks I felt like I could wear each and every piece in there. I wanted to try on everything. I wanted this store to be my closet. 

Lucky for me, there were plenty of options that were on sale. I started my dressing room with some tops, knowing that I'd be trying on lots more and this would not be my only visit to the store during my stay. I ended up going in the store three separate times (plus thoughts of additional visits) and purchasing five pieces. Believe me, I wanted more than that but I was practical and careful with my choices knowing that these would be wardrobe favorites for years and years to come. It was not easy narrowing down my selections. The fabrics + tailoring are impeccable. 

Being able to try these pieces on and move around the store in them was a shopping experience I'd greatly missed over the past few years, having done 99.9% of my recent clothing purchases online. This time spent in their beautiful space and opportunity to try on so many pieces took me from being an admirer to a loyalist. I felt like I could spend the afternoon there. I suspected this might be the case and my instincts were proven right. I know my style well and Pas de Calais is most definitely among my top few brand favorites, alongside Isabel Marant, Apiece Apart and Raquel Allegra. Even if I can't make it into the shop to try on, I have a good understanding of their fits/sizing which will make shopping online for future collections much more enticing. I'm already making a list of faves from next season...

Pas de Calais Soho via photo by @denarochelle