Apiece Apart | FW 15

words_dena rochelle

I've been admiring this line for a few seasons now and I think it's time I get some in my closet. NYC-based Apiece Apart is the work of design duo Laura Cramer and Starr Hout. Clean lines, simple silhouettes and chic details give the line classic appeal. This brand speaks to my minimalist aesthetic and easily fits into my wardrobe. The palette is mainly comprised of neutral tones (yet another nod to being timeless and versatile). You really can't go wrong with black, white, navy, chambray, and camel, punctuated by some bold pops of color here and there. While I contemplate some sale finds from SS15, I am looking ahead to FW15 and this stunning look book. Time to start narrowing down my choices... the list is long. Shop online at ApieceApart.com or use the photo links below (there are some great sale finds in there).