Rodebjer Pre-Fall

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I've been searching for this for weeks. A spark of inspiration, of pure beauty... something that would fully captivate my attention. This is it and I have Swedish designer Carin Rodebjer to thank.

This image immediately pulled me in. This woman. This dress. The light on her back. The look in her eye. The line of her arm and the gentle curve of her hand resting below her chin. The smooth line of the chair blending into the woodgrain of the wall. The angle of the shot. The palette.

I needed this today. I have been struggling to find balance in staying informed with what's happening in the US politically without being angry, overwhelmed and fearful about what the future holds. I am motivated by the outpouring of support by like-minded individuals who are rising up to make our voices heard. I am hopeful. I am looking for ways to make a difference. I am trying to focus on the good. I am trying to find balance in social media, which also happens to be my place of work. My once beautiful feeds are now punctuated with ugliness in the form of words, fear and misinformation. 

I am still drawn toward those beautiful things and beings—captured moments showing raw beauty in many forms. My eyes are always looking to be captivated and pulled into another beautiful space.   

one person can inhabit more than one world. — maya singer
photos: Rodebjer Pre-Fall 2017

photos: Rodebjer Pre-Fall 2017

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A vocal champion of women, Rodebjer was drawn this season to “ferocious female power,” as she put it in her show notes