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Pas de Calais has been on my radar for a while now, as I followed the brand online. It wasn't until a recent trip to NYC that I was able to truly experience the line via the Soho boutique. It's now among my favorites and I frequently reach for the pieces that are in my closet. 

Utilizing techniques like aizome or indigo plant dyes and Khadi (handwoven fabric that takes many months to make), Pas de Calais pieces are handcrafted with painstaking details. The designs are casual and chic. The fall 2016 collection is called Decayed:

Textile is decayed, torn apart to fragments, burned to ash, washed to thread. Coddled, washed and decayed to nostalgic beauty. Color is faded and subdued. Dyed with melancholia. Washed again, accent of faded color damaged denim. 

Interview with Japanese designer Yukari Suda:

What is your most creative time of day?

First thing in the morning on a pleasant day, when I can hear the chirping of birds and can feel a gentle breeze. When I can listen to sounds I enjoy while walking around.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Daily yoga first thing in the morning. Drinking hot water because it’s good for health and maintaining beautiful skin. 

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is not external, but internal. Beauty is something that can be born over time.  

Do you have any personal favorite pieces from this new collection?

The “Origami” dyed dress. (Origami: Japanese art of paper folding)

How has your style and inspiration for the line evolved since it launched?

It has been a series of small steps. 

What inspired the AW 2016 collection?

DECAYED: memories that fade over time. Old love letters found at an antique market. Heart wrenching memories. 

What other designers/brands do you wear + admire?

Martin Margiela (before Maison Margiela). 

How would you describe the Pas de Calais woman?

Natural. Ageless. A woman who knows her own femininity. 
pas de calais interview