Apiece Apart | Fringe Poncho

Apiece Apart Fringe Poncho via TresChicMedia.com

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I spent the last week in NYC and it was the first time I've returned in nearly a decade. I lived in Manhattan after finishing undergrad (way back in the late 90s) and had visited a few times after moving in 2001. But 10 years have passed since my last visit to this city like no other and a lot has changed. I arrived with a curated list of places to check out while I was in the city (all of which did not exist when I lived there 15 years ago). The list was mostly shopping with a select few restaurants included. Our Airbnb on Mercer and Broome in Soho was perfectly situated within walking distance of pretty much everything on my list. These are places I've shopped online for years but many I've never set foot in because they don't have California locations (yet... I hope?!). 

Apiece Apart is among my top few beloved brands and I was thrilled to browse their pop-up shop and make some purchases at their sample sale (I swear I didn't plan my trip to coincide with the sample sale... it was just luck). A stylist friend told me about this brand years ago and I've shopped a couple items online and lovingly followed their social channels for quite some time now. The website is bookmarked in my browser—always enticing a weekly visit to see their latest "stories"—interviews featuring a truly inspiring group of women. #ApieceApartWoman 

Designers Starr Hout + Laura Cramer launched the line with the intention of creating a simplified wardrobe with impeccable tailoring + made from beautiful fabrics. In one word, chic. This Peruvian-made fringe poncho is among my sample sale finds. I'd admired it online and knew within seconds of slipping it on that it was a must-have piece. The hand-woven cotton is lightweight and drapes beautifully. I know that I will reach for this often and have no doubt it will become one of the most-loved pieces in my wardrobe.

Being able to visit their space, see the current collection in person, to feel the texture and weight of the fabrics, to slip them on and fall in love, has only increased my admiration of this brand. I will continue to follow each season + new stories with curiosity and loyalty. The mix of online retail + beautiful product + styling + inspired editorial features on the website will keep me coming back for more. Small details like being able to see each item featured on a model + within other "stories" on a variety of women, makes the brand even more appealing. 

Well done. I'm hooked.