Moon Lists Leigh Patterson


Moon Lists by Leigh Patterson

I’ve been following Leigh and admiring her work for some time now. I always read her emails and click thru every link. So I pre-ordered her book the moment I learned it was to be published. Upon receipt of this beauty, I flipped through and glanced ahead, and ultimately decided to wait for a new moon to begin. I’m currently three weeks in and immensely enjoying this new ritual. It feels wonderful to make time to put a pencil to the beautifully designed paper in this book.

The Moon Lists=
1. An online collection of interviews; every full moon we ask different women to reflect on their last 30 days.
2. An analog workbook; prompts, lists, and unexpected questions for digging deeper.
3. A visual exercise in recognizing the themes that are hidden in plain sight.
4. Inspired by a life of questioning; a dedication to what’s below the surface.
5. One step in a direction of exploring parts of the mind + present tense that are new, unknown, and full of possibility.

“A workbook filled with questions, list-making ideas, and prompts for taking inventory of the self; One step in a direction of exploring parts of the mind + present tense that are new, unknown, and full of possibility.  An exercise for breaking through creative, emotional, and transitional roadblocks. Inspired aesthetically by 1960s/70s instruction and DIY manuals, it distills the Moon Lists questions into 18 months of original prompts.”

Fig+Yarrow | Apiece Apart | Jesse Kamm

photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink + styling by Dena Rochelle

photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink + styling by Dena Rochelle

words_dena rochelle

In the years that I've been working with FIG+YARROW, I've had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people. I am lucky to count F+Y's founder among my closest confidants. She has also introduced me to some other incredible people, including artist + photograph Kristen Hatgi Sink. Together we have been styling and photographing FIG+YARROW product and lifestyle shots. In two to three intensive days of photography, we produce a wealth of content and inspiration for the brand. It's a creative aspect of my work that I long to do more frequently. There is a sense of fulfillment that is like no other. Fortunately, the lasting images help maintain that feeling far beyond those few photo shoot days. This image in particular was not on our shot list and yet it remains one of my favorites and a memory of that day. The chairs had just arrived and been unpacked that morning, stacked quickly to get them out of the way so we could photograph the space. They are used to seat guests around large tables to participate in spa parties at FIG+YARROW APOTHECARY in Denver. But for this moment, our model Saly hopped on top and Kristen captured her. There was something about the light and the beautiful wall tapestry that begged to be photographed, along with that pretty top by Apiece Apart and cool pants from Jesse Kamm. I'm so glad we did. 

More from that recent photo shoot below: 

photos by Kristen Hatgi Sink + styling by Dena Rochelle


Rodebjer Pre-Fall

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I've been searching for this for weeks. A spark of inspiration, of pure beauty... something that would fully captivate my attention. This is it and I have Swedish designer Carin Rodebjer to thank.

This image immediately pulled me in. This woman. This dress. The light on her back. The look in her eye. The line of her arm and the gentle curve of her hand resting below her chin. The smooth line of the chair blending into the woodgrain of the wall. The angle of the shot. The palette.

I needed this today. I have been struggling to find balance in staying informed with what's happening in the US politically without being angry, overwhelmed and fearful about what the future holds. I am motivated by the outpouring of support by like-minded individuals who are rising up to make our voices heard. I am hopeful. I am looking for ways to make a difference. I am trying to focus on the good. I am trying to find balance in social media, which also happens to be my place of work. My once beautiful feeds are now punctuated with ugliness in the form of words, fear and misinformation. 

I am still drawn toward those beautiful things and beings—captured moments showing raw beauty in many forms. My eyes are always looking to be captivated and pulled into another beautiful space.   

one person can inhabit more than one world. — maya singer
photos: Rodebjer Pre-Fall 2017

photos: Rodebjer Pre-Fall 2017

More: Rodebjer Stockholm Fall 2017 

A vocal champion of women, Rodebjer was drawn this season to “ferocious female power,” as she put it in her show notes

Apiece Apart | Isla Wideleg Jumpsuit

words_dena rochelle

I showed this beauty to a friend and she remarked that it was the perfect blend of her beloved robe and favorite black dress. Having recently renewed my love of culottes, I am also enamored with the wideleg design of this jumpsuit. A detachable belt, poet sleeves and wabi-sabi shirring along the neck give it just the right amount of details and styling. I suspect that it would become a fast favorite in my wardrobe. I love it for the classic, timeless, ageless appeal.

The Dreslyn Style Edit | Raquel Allegra

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The Dreslyn hit it out of the park with this one. Their editorial is always impressive but this feature in particular is exceptionally beautiful. The images are so captivating. Naturally, as a Raquel Allegra loyalist, these clothes most definitely caught my eye. I actually saw the Midnight Tie Dye Victorian Dress (and fell in love with it) during a recent trip to NYC. I've yet to purchase but will be keeping tabs on it for my fall wish list. Clearly it's top of mind because seeing it styled and captured in cool photos made me pause everything and immediately click through the email to see more. It was absolutely worth a click. 

Raquel Allegra Victorian Dress via The Dreslyn

This photo story is titled "The Living is Easy" and sums up the Raquel Allegra design aesthetic perfectly. This line remains among my favorites because the pieces hang beautifully on the body and move with ease. I reach for these pieces time and again, season after season. Silks and the softest cottons, many shredded in Allegra's signature style, are instantly recognizable as the work of Raquel. In a palette of perfect neutrals punctuated by tie-dye prints that are like art, this line is a perfectly mixed wardrobe of luxe basics and statement pieces. It's never easy narrowing down selections each season. I happily return to old favorites in new fabrics + prints, especially the Easy Pants, Maxi Dresses, and Basic Tees (which btw, have the best fit and sleeve length ever). I also try to choose special pieces each season. The Victorian Dress is a strong contender this season... 

Raquel Allegra Victorian Dress Tie Dye via The Dreslyn

Of course, you can never have too many basics. I live in layers and more often than not my first layer is a Raquel Allegra Basic. Shop these + more RA at

Raquel Allegra Basics via The Dreslyn
Raquel Allegra via The Dreslyn

designer q+a | pas de calais

pasdecalais interview

words_dena rochelle

Pas de Calais has been on my radar for a while now, as I followed the brand online. It wasn't until a recent trip to NYC that I was able to truly experience the line via the Soho boutique. It's now among my favorites and I frequently reach for the pieces that are in my closet. 

Utilizing techniques like aizome or indigo plant dyes and Khadi (handwoven fabric that takes many months to make), Pas de Calais pieces are handcrafted with painstaking details. The designs are casual and chic. The fall 2016 collection is called Decayed:

Textile is decayed, torn apart to fragments, burned to ash, washed to thread. Coddled, washed and decayed to nostalgic beauty. Color is faded and subdued. Dyed with melancholia. Washed again, accent of faded color damaged denim. 

Interview with Japanese designer Yukari Suda:

What is your most creative time of day?

First thing in the morning on a pleasant day, when I can hear the chirping of birds and can feel a gentle breeze. When I can listen to sounds I enjoy while walking around.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Daily yoga first thing in the morning. Drinking hot water because it’s good for health and maintaining beautiful skin. 

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is not external, but internal. Beauty is something that can be born over time.  

Do you have any personal favorite pieces from this new collection?

The “Origami” dyed dress. (Origami: Japanese art of paper folding)

How has your style and inspiration for the line evolved since it launched?

It has been a series of small steps. 

What inspired the AW 2016 collection?

DECAYED: memories that fade over time. Old love letters found at an antique market. Heart wrenching memories. 

What other designers/brands do you wear + admire?

Martin Margiela (before Maison Margiela). 

How would you describe the Pas de Calais woman?

Natural. Ageless. A woman who knows her own femininity. 
pas de calais interview


Pas de Calais | Soho Shop

Pas de Calais Soho via photo by @DenaRochelle

words_dena rochelle

I discovered the brand Pas de Calais sometime last year via some of my favorite online shopping boutiques. The French-inspired, Japanese clothing line is filled with pieces that fit my style perfectly. We're talking streamlined minimalism punctuated with some beautiful prints.

I admired them from afar, as the brand's store is in NYC's Soho neighborhood and I had yet to track them down anywhere in the SF Bay Area. During my recent visit to Manhattan, I was thrilled to be staying at an Airbnb just a couple of blocks from Pas de Calais' Broome Street shop. I went in the first day I arrived in Soho (literally within minutes of dropping my bags at the apartment) and as my eyes scanned the racks I felt like I could wear each and every piece in there. I wanted to try on everything. I wanted this store to be my closet. 

Lucky for me, there were plenty of options that were on sale. I started my dressing room with some tops, knowing that I'd be trying on lots more and this would not be my only visit to the store during my stay. I ended up going in the store three separate times (plus thoughts of additional visits) and purchasing five pieces. Believe me, I wanted more than that but I was practical and careful with my choices knowing that these would be wardrobe favorites for years and years to come. It was not easy narrowing down my selections. The fabrics + tailoring are impeccable. 

Being able to try these pieces on and move around the store in them was a shopping experience I'd greatly missed over the past few years, having done 99.9% of my recent clothing purchases online. This time spent in their beautiful space and opportunity to try on so many pieces took me from being an admirer to a loyalist. I felt like I could spend the afternoon there. I suspected this might be the case and my instincts were proven right. I know my style well and Pas de Calais is most definitely among my top few brand favorites, alongside Isabel Marant, Apiece Apart and Raquel Allegra. Even if I can't make it into the shop to try on, I have a good understanding of their fits/sizing which will make shopping online for future collections much more enticing. I'm already making a list of faves from next season...

Pas de Calais Soho via photo by @denarochelle





Apiece Apart | Fringe Poncho

Apiece Apart Fringe Poncho via

words_dena rochelle

I spent the last week in NYC and it was the first time I've returned in nearly a decade. I lived in Manhattan after finishing undergrad (way back in the late 90s) and had visited a few times after moving in 2001. But 10 years have passed since my last visit to this city like no other and a lot has changed. I arrived with a curated list of places to check out while I was in the city (all of which did not exist when I lived there 15 years ago). The list was mostly shopping with a select few restaurants included. Our Airbnb on Mercer and Broome in Soho was perfectly situated within walking distance of pretty much everything on my list. These are places I've shopped online for years but many I've never set foot in because they don't have California locations (yet... I hope?!). 

Apiece Apart is among my top few beloved brands and I was thrilled to browse their pop-up shop and make some purchases at their sample sale (I swear I didn't plan my trip to coincide with the sample sale... it was just luck). A stylist friend told me about this brand years ago and I've shopped a couple items online and lovingly followed their social channels for quite some time now. The website is bookmarked in my browser—always enticing a weekly visit to see their latest "stories"—interviews featuring a truly inspiring group of women. #ApieceApartWoman 

Designers Starr Hout + Laura Cramer launched the line with the intention of creating a simplified wardrobe with impeccable tailoring + made from beautiful fabrics. In one word, chic. This Peruvian-made fringe poncho is among my sample sale finds. I'd admired it online and knew within seconds of slipping it on that it was a must-have piece. The hand-woven cotton is lightweight and drapes beautifully. I know that I will reach for this often and have no doubt it will become one of the most-loved pieces in my wardrobe.

Being able to visit their space, see the current collection in person, to feel the texture and weight of the fabrics, to slip them on and fall in love, has only increased my admiration of this brand. I will continue to follow each season + new stories with curiosity and loyalty. The mix of online retail + beautiful product + styling + inspired editorial features on the website will keep me coming back for more. Small details like being able to see each item featured on a model + within other "stories" on a variety of women, makes the brand even more appealing. 

Well done. I'm hooked. 

Raquel Allegra | Resort 17

raquel allegra resort via

words_ dena rochelle

Another day, another Raquel Allegra post. I am a loyalist with a closet full of RA to prove it... so here's the latest. Resort 2017 is looking good. See the entire collection at

Isabel Marant Etoile | Ryker Top

words_dena rochelle

I've had my eye on this embroidered top by Isabel Marant since it first popped up in the new arrivals online a few months ago. It's sale time now, which means it's also time to click through my wish list and choose favorites to add to my wardrobe. This one is a definite yes because it's casual and easy to throw on and style many different ways. The color and the details are what really get me with this one. I typically go for black and grey but if you see me in color, it's most likely a shade of blue. This one is bright and beautiful. The embroidered details make it interesting while still maintaining a minimalist vibe with a hint of the bohemian style that Isabel does so well.


If the blue doesn't do it for you, the Ryker top is also available in black (also tempting) and white. Shop this style below:

Martiniano Shoes

words_dena rochelle

I purchased my first pair of Martiniano Glove shoes a couple of years ago, direct from Martiniano himself. I went with navy for versatility + durability but ever since I slipped my feet into them I've been coveting these beauties in other hues. They are so comfortable and chic. I just wore them today and the love continues to grow after all these years. I'd be thrilled to have an assortment of Martinianos like this:

There are a few different styles to choose from and a range of color options (with some new surprises each season). Shop the pics below:

Raquel Allegra | Blue Stripe Tank Dress

words_dena rochelle

I love stripes, maxi dresses, any shade of blue, and Raquel Allegra remains one of my all-time favorite wardrobe contributors. This gauze tank dress recently caught my eye. The frayed edge (along the neckline and the hem) is one of Allegra's signature details and I can report, from the few RA items in my closet with this fray, that's it's rad. I suspect I would have to get this beauty hemmed, even if I wore sky-high platform wedges like it's styled here. Totally worth it in my opinion because I rarely get through a season without adding a Raquel Allegra maxi dress to my closet. I'm wearing one right now actually. Size options for this one are almost sold out at but you can still score this beauty online. In addition to the tank dress, this beautiful striped fabric is also available in a button-up henley blouse, shirt dress and hooded jacket. 

Issey Miyake | Pleats Please Dress

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How stunning is this? The photo, the dress, the movement of the fabric, the model. It's eye-catching and definitely worth a click, which is what I did on the Totokaelo homepage. One click led me to more beautiful pics of this striking blonde in an Issey Miyake Pleats Please navy sleeveless dress. It's styled simply, as I like, with white hi-top Converse—something you could wear any day. But you could absolutely dress this up as well, with heels and some bracelets for a dressier occasion. The texture of the pleats and the movement, as you move, is what makes this so special. Shop at

designer q+a | lunya sleepwear

 words_dena rochelle

When I recently stumbled upon Lunya via social media, I said "yes" out loud because the idea of cool, effortless and comfortable sleepwear is something I didn't even know I needed. But I do. Much like Lunya founder, Ashley Merrill, I've climbed into bed many times wearing oversized tees in lieu of lingerie or other sleepwear. Honestly, I feel like I've been doing this most my life. I even have a small collection of concert tees, from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Manchester Orchestra, Arcade Fire and Radiohead, in a very specific pile of my closet that I only reach for at bedtime. I realize this is not ideal and not always as comfortable or stylish as I'd like to be, which is why a few years ago I also started throwing some super-soft dresses and oversized tees into the mix. These pieces, however, were not designed for bed. But after rotating them out of my regular wardrobe, I found them to be ok options for night time. The problem? They are definitely not designed for sleep. Lunya is 100 percent. That means silhouettes that don't bunch, twist or ride up while you're getting those much-needed hours of rest.

Impressed by the whole aesthetic of the brand online, I called in samples of the Asta Tank and Hazel Romper (both in black). Slipped them on and didn't want to take them off. Hazel, in particular, is fantastic. That kangaroo pocket is key. Despite the "sleepwear" label, I wouldn't hesitate to wear this to drop off the kids at school ... and work... I'm wearing it as I type right now (bonus of being able to work from a home office). Sadly, it's almost time to pack up the samples and return them. I need to place a personal order asap. Hazel is first on my list.

Now, please enjoy a closer look into this brand with a designer interview featuring Lunya founder, Ashley:

dena — What inspired you to create this line?

ashley — The line was inspired by the modern woman and her multifaceted needs and wants. We think a lot about who she is in the daytime and what styles she's wearing.  Recently we feel she is wearing a lot of basics and neutrals but pieces that have subtle specialness and attention to detail. We combine that awareness with how the clothes need to function; things like temperature awareness, tops that don't twist, waistbands that won't ride up, pockets, etc. Lastly, but certainly not least, we we allow ourselves to get swept away by inspiration. In fall, we did a capsule that played with a modern and cozy lodge feel. We had an amazing time exploring the dichotomy between  rustic + modern and cozy + minimal. Picture an angular all glass home nestled in the woods—I love combining the unexpected. The result was a monochrome capsule that delivered structure and modern style in a completely unexpected plaid flannel.


dena — How has the collection evolved since you launched?

ashley — We have continued to refine the Lunya aesthetic and have continually improved the fabrics and styles based on feedback. We are not a fashion for fashion's sake company. We are focused on function and that means listening to our customers and improving the products.

dena — Favorite pieces that you wear?

ashley — The Romper hands down. It's easy and functional, unbelievably comfortable with its double layer Pima blend fabric, and unquestionably fashionable—and it has a kangaroo pocket!


dena — The line is marketed as sleepwear but be honest, do you wear it out of the house too? The tanks and tees in particular seem like lovely layering pieces.

ashley— Everything is designed for sleep. The reason we do that is sleep represents the epitome of comfort needs. Historically sleepwear was something so old and ugly that you wouldn't wear it out of the house—we are unquestionably breaking down those barriers. We design clothes that are stylish and exceedingly comfortable so generally women who love Lunya feel no need to change for brunch, errands, or to drop their kids off at school. I think the days of women accepting "fashion is painful" are getting fewer and far between. Today's woman recognizes that confidence and comfort often come hand and hand—if our woman wants to wear her Lunya out of the house, I'm definitely not going to stop her. I certainly do.


dena — Do you have any intention of expanding the line beyond sleepwear?

ashley — I have always believed in the philosophy of doing one thing really well so I am very focused on creating best in class sleepwear. I can't imagine straying from sleep at this time but I can't predict the future so who knows!

dena — What other brands/designers do you like to wear?

ashley — James Perse, Celine, COS, Stateside, MIH Jeans

dena — You have a nice following ramping up on social media. Which network do you like best and why?

ashley — Instagram is fun because its such a visual conversation, but we use a lot of mediums because they all allow us to have a diffferent user dialogue.

dena — Favorite instagram accts? ashley — @samsinggg@canarygrey@jengotch

Somi Apparel | Modern + Easy Basics

words_dena rochelle

I've been on the hunt for better basics in the intimates department. Undies should be comfortable, flattering and functional. If they don't tick all those boxes, I'm not interested. Somi Apparel is a San Francisco-based newcomer that fulfills those requirements perfectly. I recently had a chance to chat with the brand founder at the Noe Valley SF shop and check out the line. I'm hooked.


Somi is produced in small batches in the SF Bay Area and is comprised of bras, undies, slips and chic kimono robes. The fabrics are fantastic and feel amazing on the skin. I'm particularly smitten with the Heather set, a super-soft blend of recycled polyester and spandex, aptly described on the online shop as "soft, heavier athletic fabric, likened to buttered kittens".

I opted to review the Edie Slip in Heather, as well as the Cheeky underwear (also in Heather). They are so incredibly comfortable. I'm in love. Fingers crossed Somi does this same fabric in other hues for future collections (hint hint). I'll take one of each, in every color. These are pieces that feel like a first layer should. Clean lines and minimalist styling are always winners in my book. Also can't go wrong classic black.


The prints in the collection are limited runs and the current offering is a collaboration with artist + designer Julia Kostreva. It's gorgeous and I may have to add a pair of the Cheeky skivvies to my drawer. I got a sneak peek of the Julia Kostreva silk print for the new robe and it's amazing. I am officially a Somi fan and look forward to seeing what's in store for the coming seasons.

More importantly, Somi gives back: "All across the world, women suffer from discrimination and gross maltreatment due to their gender... Good news is, there are a lot of wonderful, brave organizations that are putting forth great effort to change social stigmas and empower women. What they need is capital and support. We are proud to partner with the Harpswell Foundation, a group that is working to build the next generation of women leaders in Cambodia, a country that was depleted of its educated class during the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Harpswell takes a comprehensive approach by providing much needed dormitory housing, leadership training, English tutors, and professional guidance to a talented and intelligent group of young women."

Raquel Allegra | Holiday

words_dena rochelle

So it's been about 15 minutes since my last Raquel Allegra post. Not here, of course, because I don't blog all of it... but there are RA pins + instagrams on my accts at least once a day. My closet is home to many beloved Raquel pieces. I remain among her most devoted fans after years of wearing her rad clothes. I'm actually wearing a top right now and some days it's three or more pieces (think pants, tee, cardigan, scarf). These clothes are made for layering and it's one of very few brands that I think looks cool when you wear more than one piece together. I'm scoping out my fall favorites and adding a few more. Wishing I'd been able to shop the sample sale (I seriously would have flown down to LA but it seems the dates never work out for me). I am hopeful the online boutique sales will not disappoint. Now I'm looking at the Holiday 15 collex. These are some of my faves. It's time to narrow down choices. Then shop and wear wear wear again and again.

Raquel Allegra Holiday 2015 via
Raquel Allegra Holiday 2015 via
Raquel Allegra Holiday 2015 via
Raquel Allegra Holiday 2015 via

Kjaer Weis | Fall Collection

Kjaer Weis Makeup Fall 15

Kjaer Weis Makeup Fall 15

words_dena rochelle

This is the latest look from makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. I've been a fan of the brand since I first laid eyes on the cool metal compacts. I can't think of any other makeup brand that comes close to this stunning packaging. Of course it's what's inside that is most important. Certified organic ingredients, natural mineral pigments, and absolutely no questionable chemicals. Plus, the compacts are refillable.

Kjaer Weis Makeup

Kjaer Weis Makeup

I became a loyalist after switching all of my makeup over a year ago and meeting Kirsten. Now I look forward to each new launch. This time there are some additions to the foundation, blush and lip color ranges. I was skeptical about trying the poppy-hued "Above and Beyond" Cream Blush but with Kirsten applying it, I knew I was in good hands. It gave my "Paper Thin" (cool, ivory toned) foundation base a great pop of color.

Kjaer Weis Above and Beyond Cream Blush via

Kjaer Weis Above and Beyond Cream Blush via

The next item from the fall collection that caught my attention: Captivate Lip Tint. The press release described it as a nude, understated and versatile shade. Of course I was more than happy to receive a sample. How can I say no to a neutral?

“I created our first light brown Lip Tint with a subtle gold shimmer. It's a neutral that plays well with the entire Kjaer Weis line.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis Captivate Lip Tint

Kjaer Weis Captivate Lip Tint

Stay tuned for more from KW. During her recent visit to SF we chatted about what's coming for Spring 2016. I'm excited. You should be too. Shop these colors, the rest of the new fall hues, as well as some personal faves using the app below. Full collection available at

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Fall Layers | Margiela + Totokaelo

Margiela Biker Jacket styled by Totokaelo #TresChicMedia

Margiela Biker Jacket styled by Totokaelo #TresChicMedia

words_dena rochelle

My last post was about longing for cooler temperatures. This is more of the same. I love living in Northern California because it's stunningly beautiful and the weather is amazing. We've had a long hot summer this year and I'm ready to get back to layering and cozy sweaters as we normally do in fall/winter. Cooler mornings have allowed me to throw on some sweaters (only to shed that layer in the afternoon). I'm seriously ready to bundle up NorCal style with ensembles like this one. The MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Biker Jacket is incredible. Textured lambskin and gorgeous details make it a worthy splurge. It's the way that Totokaelo styled it here that really gets me. Black maxi skirt and that sweater... Yes, please. Shop at

Lauren Manoogian | Chambray Capote Coat

Lauren Manoogian CHAMBRAY CAPOTE COAT via

Lauren Manoogian CHAMBRAY CAPOTE COAT via

words_dena rochelle

I can see myself wrapped up in this felted chaine wool coat... foggy mornings, chilly evenings, snuggled on the sofa reading a good book, working at my desk with a cup of hot tea, Sundays in San Francisco exploring museums with the kids, winter beach days, Tahoe weekends, a pre-holiday getaway to wine country with my love. I am longing for the chill of those days and the feeling of being enveloped by beautiful layers of warmth.

Lauren Manoogian's Chambray Capote Coat looks like one of those pieces you'd put on over almost anything to enjoy a softness and comfort that feels like a favorite blanket. I love how it drapes. The hood and pockets are important details. It's the color that first lured me in though... that chambray blue. In a closet full of black and grey, blue tones are among the chosen few to punctuate my minimalist neutral palette.

Available at

The Dreslyn | Take a Tone With Me

the dreslyn editorial via
the dreslyn editorial via

words_dena rochelle

Most of my wardrobe is black and grey. On any given day, I'm wearing at least one, if not both, and/or variations of different grey tones. I am a monochromatic minimalist with a strong love of neutrals, which is why this editorial feature from The Dreslyn speaks to me. This grey ensemble in particular caught my attention. It's chic from head to toe with timeless appeal and subtle details that make these pieces must-haves. I've been eyeing these Rachel Comey kicks (Mohair Dia Flat) and love how they are styled with other grey hues and textures. Mohair, wool and cashmere are perfection for cooler months. I wish I was a little bit taller because I'd be better suited for the beautiful Avelon Realm Wool Pant. I can definitely do the Tess Giberson Cashmere Rib Cardigan + Tank though.